Green Garden Growers

Green Garden Growers SRL is member of Economic Cooperative Group which represents nurseries of fruit trees such as apple, pear, sweet cherry, sour cherry, plum, peach, apricot, nectarine, soft fruit, grapevine, rose plants, seedlings as also other agricultural products from Serbia, Bosnia and Romania.

We act as one wholesaler and we produce certified plants and seedlings of excellent quality and health condition including all necessary certificates and documents for sales and trade. Our specialty is organization of production.

We offer wide range of package (in foil bags with mulch, transparent foil, cardboard boxes, pots ...) with our and/or your brand.

For all questions, details and offers, we are always at your service.

You are welcome to visit us.

English speaking contact person:

Mr. Vladislav Vuckovic

Sânpetru Mare Nr. 690
Judet Timiș, Romania

Mobile: +381 63 592 408

About Economic Cooperative Group: EconomCop